Osmani & Geidi Sosa

HOP-supported since 8/2003
Missions Classes

ID 19. Sosa, Osmani & Geidi

• Church Pastoring

• Church Planting

• Church Discipleship/Helps

ID 19. HOP members met Osmani thru mission trips with Russell Black to Cuba. Osmani was the leading baseball pitcher in Cuba with many benefits. After hearing the Gospel, he gave up all and became a crusader for the Lord, leading a sports ministry with many of his friends who had also met Christ. From around 1999 to present, Osmani has recruited, taught and discipled hundreds of young men to teach and preach all over the Island.

At the fall Pastor’s Conference, you will likely find 300 young men and their wives come together in a small village, riding in large open trucks, really old busses, 3-4 to a motorcycle and couples on bicycles. They sleep on concrete floors, grassy ground spots, in the buses, and wherever they can lay their heads after all day of meetings, praying, shouting, singing, cooking and sharing meals of rice and boiled yucca, and loving on one another. Osmani’s family has moved twice due to having their home turned into a church building, and now the second building is bursting at the seams with people each meeting time.